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Seui Diu Go Tau (Under the Mid-Autumn Moon) (Mixed Voices)

Chan Kai-Young

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This is a sheet music download sold with a licence to make up to 30 copies. Upon purchase you will be emailed a licence that will entitle you to legally print up to 30 copies of the sheet music for use by your choir / singing group.

When your transaction is complete, you will have up to 7 days to print the music yourself - it will not be posted to you.


This piece was conceived in Philadelphia at the time of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, which takes place every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. The full moon is a symbol of reunion and thoughts for families and friends in Chinese culture because ‘full’ and ‘reunion’ share the same written character. The custom of celebrating with family and friends dates back to at least a thousand years ago, and the moon has thus become a recurring theme in classical Chinese literature.

Price: £15.00  30 Copy Licence

Copyright Year(s): 2015

Arrangement: Mixed Voices

  • Piano
  • Choir
  • Mixed Voices

Genre(s): Classical, Choral

Pages: 12